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Брак для граждан всех стран за 2 дня. Замуж за иностранца. Опыт с 1997 года.

International marriage and wedding services in Prague and Czech Republic


Available wedding dates in registry hall in castle  - ready to book right now!

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Do you want to get married in Czech Republic with a woman from ex-Soviet Union, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania or any other country? And do you want to know what kind of documents you need for it?

For this information, please choose your country:

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Since 1997 we have arranged more than 2200 weddings for citizens of all countries!

Is marriage solemnized in Czech Republic recognized in other countries?

Yes, of course. We legalize and translate the marriage certificate for your country.

What documents are required for marriage registration in Czech Republic?

Only three documents: ID card (passport), birth certificate and certificate of marital status (plus divorce certificate if you are divorced). The way of getting a certificate of marital status depends on the country of your citizenship - we will consult you in details individually.

Do I need to send you the originals of the documents before coming to Czech Republic?

No. Original documents should be brought to the wedding. For a start it's enough to send scanned copies by E-mail.

Do I need to put an Apostille stamp on the documents? It's expensive and takes a lot of time.

The documents from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Greece, Canada and some other countries do not have to be legalised with an Apostille stamp.

How long should I wait after sending you scanned copies of the documents?

Marriages in Czech Republic are registered on Tuedays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. If you choose "Express-marriage" package we need to get the documents at least 3 working days in advance before wedding. Express-marriage is possible not everywhere, we will consult you in details individually.

How long should I stay in Czech Republic?

If you choose "Express-marriage" package you have to come only for one day (for marriage registration itself).

If you want to get married in the groom’s country, you need to have bridal (fiancee) visa for the bride. You need a lot of documents for it. What kind of visa do you need to come to Czech Republic for marriage registration?

You need to have any type of Shengen visa, including short-term travel visa. You don't need to get a bridal or fiancee visa! We can help you with all documents.

How much will a trip to Czech Republic cost?

Czech Republic is a low-cost country. Flights and hotels are quite cheap.

Is it possible to organize a beautiful wedding ceremony?

Czech Republic is the best option for it! There are a lot of places for wedding ceremonies (romantic historical castles in different architecture styles, the famous Old Town Hall, the gorgeous Municipal House, the blooming Palace Gardens etc.) and an all-inclusive wedding service will satisfy all of your desires.

Our company guarantees you a complete wedding service from organizing the official part of marriage registration to fulfilling your every wish!