Marriage for UK citizens

Marriage with a woman from the Soviet Union (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania etc.) in 2 days!

Dear groom, you should know that:

  1. Czech Republic is a country where you can quickly and easily conclude an international marriage. It is enough to come only for 1-2 days for it.
  2. You don’t need to make an invitation for your future wife (it will be a 100% refusal). It’s enough just to buy a travel trip for her. No need to apply for the fiancee visa.
  3. Marriage in Czech Republic recognized by all countries (including UK).
  4. Your wife can take your surname if she wants.

What do you need for marriage registration?

  1. For a personal consultation please contact us: here is our contact.
  2. Please, send us a scanned copy of your documents:
    • passport (first page),
    • birth certificate,
    • divorce certificate (if you had a divorce) and
    • certificate of marital status.
      For the bride from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Canada or USA we can get the certificate of marital status in Prague.
  3. Please fill in the application form and tell us the date of your registration.
  4. We process your documents and book the date of marriage registration. We need 2-3 working days to prepare your wedding.
  5. You can come to Czech Republic for marriage registration for 1-2 days (Express marriage for 4 hours). First day you need to go to the foreign police (persons from EU and Shengen countries don’t need to go there), then you need to go to the Registry Office. It is possible to have a translator in the ceremony (Russian, English, French or another language).
  6. We legalize Czech marriage certificate for UK. We are the only agency in Czech Republic, which can legalize marriage certificate and translate it. That means that your marriage certificate is fully validated for UK!

Note, all the documents must be Apostilled, all neccessary information you can find here:

We wish you good luck and happiness!


Extra information for UK citizens:

If you want to get married in the Czech Republic, as a British citizen, you must notify your local impending marriage registration office to get the document that there is no obstacle to marriage. Please keep in mind that the notice of marriage must be announced three weeks prior to the receipt of the document that guarantees its validity for 3 months. Original confirmation of the absence of obstacles to marriage and birth certificates (if you was born in the UK) and should be legalized in the British Foreign Office: