What you get

We will organize the registration of your marriage and will give you a legalized marriage certificate.


  • You get maximum of positive impressions and minimum efforts.
  • Marriage certificate unconditionally legal in the whole world.
  • Marriage certificate translated and legalised for your country.
  • Unlimited quantity of marriage certificates.
  • Marriage registration without beaurocracy for citizens of almost all countries (except countries where polygamy is legal).
  • Possibility of marriage without „fiancee visa“, which is demanded by some countries from the bride (groom) but is difficult to get and takes 6-18 months of waiting.
  • Possibility of marriage registration for deaf people.
  • Possibility of marriage registration for people without citizenship, for refugees.
  • Possibility of marriage registration for people living outside the country of citizenship.
  • Possibility of marriage registration with a civil ceremony and also with a church ceremony for people of different confessions.
  • You and your future spouse don't have to pass any tests of „sincerety of your intentions“, which are obligatory in some countries to get a marriage permit.
  • Possibility of express-marriage.
  • Assistance in getting a certificate of marital status in Prague for citizens of 10 countries (USA, Canada, Holland, Australia, Estonia, Russia, etc.).
  • Possibility of so called juridical ceremony without music and champagne.
  • You get a completely legalised marriage certificate for your country in the shortest time.


Your wedding in the Czech Republic could fulfill your most cherished dreams!