How we work

For fast and precise execution of your orders, we have developed an a adjusted system of our company work. The whole process of our cooperation can be divided into several stages:

Stage 1. Exploring our web-site, "Registration of marriage with a foreigner in the Czech Republic".

Read the information on our website You will find answers to the most of your questions there.

Stage 2. Sending a scanned copies of documents, filling out questionnaires and prepayment.

You send us a scanned copies of your documents and filled in Bride and Groom application form. Then you make prepayment(payment is possible by credit card VISA, MasterCard). After that we begin preparation of the registration of your marriage. We translate your documents into the Czech language, book the date of marriage registration, prepare the necessary documents (forms and statements to the registry office, etc.).

Stage 3. Order of wedding and tourist services.

You can choose and book our wedding services: a ceremony in the castle, the participation of actors in the wedding ceremony, professional photographer, cameraman for your wedding, a special wedding car, Brides Bouquet, hairstyle and makeup for the bride.

You can also book our travel services.

Stage 4. Registration of marriage in the Czech Republic.

You come to the Czech Republic for the registration of your marriage.

Stage 5. Legalization of marriage certificate.

We get a marriage certificate and legalize it for your country. Convey to you or post you your legalized marriage certificate.