Necessary documents

What do you need to register your marriage in Czech Republic?

  1. For an individual consultation contact us or call us
  2. Send us an E-mail with scanned copies of your documents. There must be 3 main documents:
    • passport (first page),
    • birth certificate and
    • divorce certificate (if you or your partner are divorced).
      Certificate of marital status for citizens of Russia, Ukraine, United States or Canada is issued in Prague. Citizens of other countries should contact us for a personal advise on how and where to get it. We will provide all possible assistance.
  3. Fill out the application form:
    Download this file (Fragebogen_Deutsch.doc)Fragebogen Deutsch Antragsformular[Presse zum Download]94 kB
    Download this file (Anketa-Russkiy.doc)Русскоязычная версия нашей свадебной анкеты[При подаче заявки ее необходимо заполнить]24 kB
    Download this file (Application_Form_English.doc)English Application Form[Please fill in to apply]42 kB
    Download this file (Application_Form_English-Russian.doc)English-Russian Application Form[Please fill in to apply]93 kB
  4. We will process your documents and book a date you choose to register your marriage. 2-3 working days are usually enough to prepare your wedding (depending on the venue chosen).
  5. If you want to get married in Prague please mind a new rule of January, 1, 2014: you should send notarised copies or originals of your documents (depending on your country and document) not later than 1 month before the wedding. The rule is applied to citizens of all countries! For other places in Czech Republic it is enough to bring the originals with you to Prague.

  6. You come to Czech Republic 1-2 days in advance before the wedding (Express marriage for 4 hours). In case zou are getting married in Prague, please mind that you have to personally visit the registry office before the wedding on one of its working days - either Monday or Wednesday. It means if your wedding is on Tuesday, you should arrive to Prague not later than Sunday evening, or if it's on Saturday, then not later than Tuesday evening. The ceremony is accompanied by a legal interpreter into Russian, English, French, German or another language (to your choice). Please mind that express-marriage is possible not everywhere!
  7. We legalize and translate Czech marriage certificate for your country and for the country of your groom/bride.
  8. That is all! You are husband and wife! Congratulations!